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Ten Benefits you can get

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Ten benefits you can get:

  • High Scores - you will learn the tactics and secrets in cracking GMAT at the shortest possible time

  • Value for Money - you can still pay a four-digit course fee, rarely be found in other providers

  • Free Class - your first class is free for you to experience our coaching

  • GMAT Scholarship - you will be awarded HKD8,800 if you score 780 or above

  • Referral Bonus - you will get a bonus of HKD500 for each person you refer

  • Various Options - you can choose a course option that fits your needs the best

  • High Flexibility - you can choose class timing that fits your schedule the best

  • Small Class - your progress will be closely observed and reviewed

  • Convenient Place - you will attend classes in Tsim Sha Tsui, very accessible wherever you are

  • Extra Advice - you will learn application tips, MBA life, post-MBA careers, and more...

Your journey to your targeted business school starts here, don't miss it!


Harvard | LBS | HKU

  • MPA at Harvard, MBA at London Business School, MSc and BEng at the University of Hong Kong

  • Also studied at MIT, the University of Oxford, and the University of Chicago

  • GMAT coaching experiences in London, Boston, and Hong Kong (with both Westerners and Asians)

  • Awarded three scholarships for higher education, one was from LBS for high GMAT scores

  • Developed the QNV Model, in-depth understanding on the tactics and secrets in cracking GMAT

  • Extensive experience in advisory on MBA application strategies, including essay reviews and mock interviews

  • Alum interviewer for MBA applicants, understanding what top B-schools look for 

  • Previously at director-level positions in global consulting firms; worked in London, Rotterdam, and Hong Kong

  • Sharpened analytical mind and strategic thinking thanks to considerable training as an astute consultant 


Select Your Best Option

Four options with different duration, intensity, flexibility, and fees

Regular Course

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Most Popular

  • 12-week, 2.5-hour per week

  • Covers Quant, Verbal, IR, AW

  • Includes MBA application advice

  • Best fit for students starting GMAT preparation or seeking more techniques

  • Available every evening from 7pm to 9:30pm, except Wednesday and Sunday; and from 2:30pm to 5pm on every Wednesday and Saturday

Three-time Regular Course

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Repeated Learning

  • Attend the Regular Course three times

  • 3 x 12-week, 2.5-hour per week

  • Best fit for students seeking to further strengthen their capabilities for taking or re-taking GMAT

Quant or Verbal Only

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Boot Camp

  • 6-week, 2.5-hour per week

  • Covers more difficult questions in Quant or Verbal than the Regular Course does

  • Best fit for students seeking to strengthen capabilities in Quant or Verbal

  • Only available on every Sunday 2:30pm to 5pm



Highly Flexible

  • One-to-One coaching for 2.5-hour

  • Time and venue will be subject to agreement

  • Best fit for students seeking training for a particular question type in GMAT

  • Students can also ask for MBA application advice, including essay reviews and mock interviews

We help you score high

At QNV, you will learn:

  • GMAT cracking techniques

  • Preparation tactics

  • Common GMAT pitfalls

  • MBA application advice

  • Personal tips for MBA

  • Fun, joy, and jokes 

  • Interesting stories of previous MBA applicants

  • Secrets B-schools never tell you, shhh...

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