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QNV Institute

GMAT Scores 700+

QNV stands for Quant and Verbal, the two main parts in GMAT.

​Based in Hong Kong, QNV specializes in GMAT coaching for local as well as overseas GMAT takers.

QNV was founded by a Harvard graduate, who is passionate about education and experienced in GMAT coaching.


Different from the other training centres, QNV aims at providing best-value and personalized GMAT coaching through inspiration in a small-class environment.


Not only does QNV share techniques of cracking GMAT but also coach students to handle frustration and setbacks throughout the entire GMAT preparation.

After all, students at QNV can achieve high GMAT scores and enjoy the learning process.

QNV Philosophy

Inspiration | Interaction | Interesting

  • We focus on personal interaction and understand the performance of each student

  • We keep the number of students up to 12 in each class to ensure we know you well

  • We will share personal stories and experiences to inspire students

  • We will create an open and interesting vibe to facilitate your learning 

  • We will conduct classes with an inspiration-based approach

  • We believe everyone can score high as long as he pays efforts and knows the techniques

  • We believe education is a basic human right and its price must be reasonable

  • We are happy to go extra miles, helping you know more about everything related to MBA

  • We care about how much you have learnt more than how much you have paid

Inspiration-based Learning

Tactics | Techniques | Thinking

  • Our coach got inspired by this approach when he was studying at Harvard 

  • We believe learning is not uni-directional, so the role of the coach should be inspirational

  • We are not here to give you answers, but help you think for the answers

  • We will guide you through each GMAT question by asking you questions

  • We will also give you practices in the class and consolidate your understanding

  • You will then gain a firm grasp of the tactics and techniques to crack GMAT 

  • You will also understand your learning curve and get prepared for any setback in scores

  • You are also welcome to share knowledge, so all of us can learn from one another 

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