Ten Benefits You Never Want to Miss!

1. High Scores

  • We target to help you score 700+, if you attend our Regular Course and practice cracking effectively

  • Our GMAT expert, who graduated from Harvard and London Business School, will share with you the cracking techniques he has amassed from years of GMAT coaching (Yes, techniques you can’t learn at Harvard!)

  • You will also study in a small-class environment so your progress will be closely observed and reviewed

  • Shorter prep time is another great benefit you will get. Although you can error your way out, you will take a lot of unnecessary time – Why not let us coach you and help you save half of your prep time?

2. Value for Money

  • You will absolutely get the most but spend the least at QNV – we are your best value GMAT course

  • You can enjoy 45% off on our best-seller 15-hour Course and 25% off on our 10-hour Course 

  • If you are a beginner and want longer training, you can still just pay HKD13,800, for our 30-hour Course. This amount can hardly be matched by other training providers

  • Our 15-hour Course is a great option you should consider. You just need to pay HKD8,800 to boost your scores in 15 hours. If you have practiced cracking for a period of time, the scores you get could be more or less the same as if you take the 30-hour Course

3. Free Class

  • You want to know us more before committing time and budget to our courses. Surely we know, so we will offer you a Free Class for you to see if our coaching approach fits you well

  • In the Free Class, we will introduce GMAT, business schools, and basic cracking techniques. We will walk through several questions together so we can know your levels

  • The Free Class is very important for us to understand your study needs and goals, so we can customize the appropriate study contents for you

  • We can also work out the coaching plan together - Which course option fits you the best? Which areas you should focus? What you should do in the course and even after the course? And more...

  • You will also be served with free drinks and snacks. Just be relaxed and enjoy the Free Class! Have fun too!

4. Score Guarantee

  • We are the first ever training centre in human history to offer you score guarantee up to 780

  • We understand your need assurance on your return on investment, and we are happy to offer

    • We offer you Score Guarantee for 700, 720, 740, 760, and 780, at different fees

    • You will enjoy unlimited hours of coaching in a year (subject to the terms and conditions) 

    • You can decide whether you need the Score Guarantee before or after our Personal Coaching

    • Top-up options are available

  • We will offer you a Free Class to evaluate your potential to score 700+

  • Within our guarantee period, you can re-take real GMAT exams till your guaranteed score

5. Referral Bonus

  • If you find our courses beneficial, why not recommend us to your good friends?

  • Moreover, you will get a bonus of HKD500 for each person you refer

  • Your referee must take our 15-hour Course or 30-hour Course and have paid the course fee in full without asking for refund

  • There is no limitation on the numbers of referrals you can make

  • In other words, if you attend our 15-hour Course and then refer 18 people to attend our 15-hour Course or 20-hour Course, you can even earn more than you have paid, i.e. a free course!

6. Five Options

  • You may want to score high with enduring efforts, you may want to boost your scores in the shortest possible time, or you may want to sharpen your cracking techniques in quant or verbal - we have carefully designed our courses to fit you needs

  • We understand your needs mostly depend on the urgency of the exam and intensity of your study required

  • We offer five course options with different lengths and intensity to cater for your needs as below

  • No matter what your needs are, you will definitely find a course option that fits you the best

Low Intensity

High Intensity

High intensity










7. High Flexibility

  • You are a busy professional and can hardly commit to a fixed schedule with us. Surely we understand, so we try best to offer you very high flexibility in the following aspects:

  • Flexible duration - you can choose a course with a duration ranging from 2.5 to 30 hours

  • Flexible schedule - we don't have a fixed class schedule, say every Sat 4pm to 6pm, but we can conduct coaching when you are available. Moreover, our class duration is flexible too, though we believe two to three hours in each class are the norm

  • Flexible venue - we conduct most of our coaching in Wanchai and Mongkok, but can also do on Skype if you live remotely or travel outside Hong Kong

  • Flexible contents - different people have different strengths and weaknesses, so we won't have a one-size-fit all coaching materials used in classroom training, we will understand your study needs in our free class and then customize the materials to address your needs

  • Flexible Top-up Options - please see our Top-up Options as follows:

  • For example, you can start with paying HKD6,000 for our 10-hour Course first. If you find it useful, then you can top up by paying HKD2,880 (HKD8,800 - 6,600) to attend our 15-hour Course. Afterwards, if you need more comprehensive training, you can top up by paying HKD5,000 (HKD13,800 - 8,800) for our 30-hour Course

  • Top-up Options are not available for 2.5-hour and 5-hour Courses

8. Top-up Options

  • You can minimize your upfront budget commitment by choosing less costly course options like 10-hour Courses first

  • If you feel our courses are good for you and want to learn further, you can top up to our 15-hour Course by paying the difference between the two course fees

  • The top-up balances (in HKD) among different courses are shown in the table below:

9. Personalized Coaching

  • Have you even thought of having a personalized GMAT coaching instead of classroom training?

  • Yes, if you know QNV well, you know we did classroom training in the past. We taught a class of 5 to 10 people. Then you will ask why did we change?

  • In a class, though small, students do differ in their GMAT levels - some are as pure as white paper, some are painted with ink

  • Therefore, it is still difficult to standardize the pace and depth of teaching for a class 

  • We listen to good advice all the time - so we made a bold move to switch to personalized coaching, so as to make sure we can address the study needs of each and every one of you (though we earn less!!)


10. Extra Advice

  • You will learn application tips, MBA life, post-MBA careers, and more... in our classes no matter which course you take

  • You will hear the interesting and insightful stories and experience of our Coach throughout his whole journey, including things he could have done more or better

  • If you need further advice, you can choose our 2.5-hour course, which can cover application strategies, essay reviews, and mock interviews etc. for you 

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