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Admitted Candidates

Congratulations on your achievement!

Getting admitted to a top business school is already a remarkable achievement. It means that you rank the best of the best!

But this is just the beginning of your journey. The next one or two years will be very valuable to you, in particular you will invest a lot of cost, time and effort to equip yourself and win a high-flying career up graduation.

You will "drink in front of a fire hose". You want to gain the most but also have to make trade-offs. So the question is how to maximize your gain and minimize your loss?

We will be happy to help you get better prepared by sharing:

  • What things you must do (easily overlooked) from now to the beginning of MBA?

  • How will your MBA school-life look like?

  • What should be your reasonable expectations on your post-MBA career?

  • What are your career options upon MBA graduation?

  • What you should do during MBA for each career option?

  • What you should do in different stages of your MBA to get employed?

  • What resources at a business school you can use for job-hunting?

  • How to network with alumni and business executives to increase your chance of employment?

  • What are the financing options for your costly MBA?

  • How can you make a livelihood during your MBA?

  • And more...

The coaching fee is HK1,380 (or USD180) only. It will last around 2 to 2.5 hours.

Please leave your contact here or email us. We can schedule a free short call or Skype first before you decide.

Thanks for submitting!

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