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My GMAT Story

Learn from Mistakes | Practice Makes Perfect

  • For sure, I am not a GMAT genius. I took GMAT exams three times in six months to achieve my target

  • Just like many of you, I felt frustrated for a few months when I kept practising but my scores remained flatlined

  • I found that, besides practice, I had to keep a very systematic error log to record questions I did wrong

  • You would be surprised that you would repeat the same mistakes when you do the same questions again 

  • So it is important to review your error log frequently to remember what you did wrong and learn from mistakes

  • In addition, be persistent in practicing though your scores don't rise after months of practice

  • I kept practicing till I reached a breakthrough, after which I could have a special feeling for the right answers

  • After reaching the breakthrough, I saw my scores leap by 80 points to the top 10% score range of LBS MBA

  • This phenomenon didn't happen to me only. Throughout my years of coaching, it happened to everyone I coached

  • I will say GMAT does not only test your logical ability, but also your emotional ability (Yes, EQ)

  • So when you feel frustrated like what I did before, please do not give up, you are not the only one to go through it

  • Keep Calm and Carry On!

My Teaching Story

Passion | Profession | Personalization

  • I love teaching, because I believe education can improve our well-being and change our destiny

  • Moreover, not only can I help others enhance themselves but also learn a lot through teaching

  • I started tutoring students at 16, first with high school students, then university students, and later GMAT takers

  • When I was doing my MBA at LBS, I started teaching GMAT to earn my livelihood in costly London

  • I taught GMAT students based in New Zealand and Australia in English via Skype

  • I kept teaching GMAT when I was at Harvard. Some of my students got to top schools like LBS and Cambridge

  • After I returned to Hong Kong, I conducted GMAT courses at a sizeable study centre. Later, I founded QNV

  • Though I serve as Managing Director of a research house now, my passion for GMAT coaching is still growing

  • Through years of GMAT coaching, I have developed GMATology to help students prepare more holistically

  • I also noticed Asians are generally weaker in Verbal, so quick English comprehension is critical for Asians

  • As part of GMATology, my "diagnostic" cracking techniques can help students crack GMAT more quickly

  • Besides techniques, I also love to share personal stories on practising GMAT to have fun and personal rapport

  • After all, I do hope you will have two takeaways from my courses – cracking techniques and happy learning!

Contemporary Boardroom

A Brief History of Mine

From Tuen Mun to Harvard

You Can, If You Think You Can

Like many HongKongers born in 1970s, I came from a humble background. Nothing blue-blooded.

I grew up in Tuen Mun, where was a rural area at that time (and even now some may still think so).

When we lived in a housing estate, Dad told me the best way to change our destiny was education.

I was not smart but I studied very hard. Finally, I got admitted to HKU to study electrical engineering.

Upon graduation, I joined HK's largest power utility as Graduate Trainee and rose through the ranks.

Though I was happy with my job, I realized my perspective was not global and my knowledge too local.

I decided to fly out of my comfortable pigeon-hole, taking a leap of faith to apply for top MBAs in Europe.

I spent nearly a year preparing for my application, including GMAT, essays, reference letters, interviews etc. 

It was a tough year as I nearly had no leisure at all and some people were sceptical about my move.

On 25 March 2011 5am in Singapore, I got an email from LBS to congratulate me on my admission!

Not only did that day mean the beginning of my meaningful journey but also the change of my life.

In MBA, experience is more important than knowledge. The people you meet and places you visit are valuable.

I met people with different cultural backgrounds and from all walks of life. They opened a new world to me. 

I did my summer internship at an energy giant in Rotterdam and exchanged at the University of Chicago. 

My two years at LBS were full of joy and toil. After all, I must say it's an eye-opening experience.

Upon graduation, I joined a reputable energy consulting firm in London, where I took part in many great projects.

I enjoyed my meaningful work very much. At the same time, my worklife in London was so balanced too.

After work, I often jogged in Hyde Park, tasted good food on Oxford Street, or hung out with friends in Soho.

But two years later, I made another tough decision - gave up my British lifestyle for my MPA at Harvard.

It's a far-fetched dream for a Tuen Mun guy to enter Harvard, where only the world's top elites can get this luxury.

It's definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I couldn't miss out. I would gain more than I would lose there.

In my MPA class, my classmates were government officers, party leaders, military veterans, and executives.

I was deeply impressed by their vision and mission to make the world a better place. Yes, they have changed me.

Frankly, I learnt more from them than from our faculty. They inspired me the inspiration-based approach of study.

In addition to Harvard, I took two courses at MIT, where is just two subway stations away. MIT is really cool!

Time flies, one year was gone so quickly. I graduated and returned to Hong Kong, ending my five-year overseas.

The rest is history.

Now, I hope to share more stories with you, no matter pain or gain, and inspire your move towards a great future.

- QNV GMATologist -

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