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Ten More Benefits you never want to miss

Ten More Benefits

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High Scores

Learn the secrets of cracking GMAT in the shortest possible time

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Score Guarantee

First ever trainer in human history to offer score guarantee up to 780


High Flexibility

Choose course duration and venue to fit your schedule the best


Extra Advice

Learn application tips, MBA life, post-MBA careers, and more...

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Value for Money

36% off on our 30-hour coaching. HKD400 off for each top-up


Referral Bonus

Get a bonus of HKD500 for each person you refer

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Top-up Options

You can start with your least cost option and then top up to your best course

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Free Class

Enjoy a Free Class to experience our coaching before you decide

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Different Options

Choose our various courses of different lengths to fit your needs the best

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Private Tutorials

Receive personalized GMAT coaching that addresses your study needs 

Break your GMAT Brownian Motion, Make Your Quantum Leap Here Now!!

QNV GMATologist

Harvard | LBS | Dundee | HKU

  • MPA at Harvard, MBA at London Business School, MSc and BEng at the University of Hong Kong

  • Also studied at MIT, Chicago Booth, and the University of Oxford, for exchange or research

  • Currently pursuing his fourth master degree - LLM - at the University of Dundee in Scotland

  • GMAT coaching experiences in London, Boston, and Hong Kong (with both Westerners and Asians)

  • Further qualifications...
    Awarded three scholarships for higher education, one was from LBS for high GMAT scores Developed GMATology, an effective methodology to learn the tactics and secrets in cracking GMAT Extensive experience in advisory on MBA application strategies, including essay reviews and mock interviews Alum interviewer for MBA applicants, understanding what top B-schools look for and how they rate applicants Previous director-level positions at global consulting firms; worked in London, Rotterdam, Singapore, and Hong Kong Voluntary Career Consultant at HKU, offering advice on career planning and further studies to HKU students Sharpened analytical mind and strategic thinking thanks to considerable training as an astute consultant
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The Gateway to Your High-Flying Career

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Highly Flexible Course Lengths and Fees

Payment in a top-up approach to enhance flexibility and reduce hourly rate

Choose the course length that best fits your study needs

HKD400 off for every 5-hour 

Extra 1-hour Free over 20 hours of coaching

(All courses are personalized coaching | 700+ Score Guarantee can be opt-in)




To grab basic techniques for 550






To grab 700+ level techniques

Top up from 15-hr: +HKD2,300






To build strong grounding for 600

Top up from 5-hr: +HKD3,100




25+1 HOURS


To crack 700+ level questions;

Top up from 20-hr: +HKD1,900






To master techniques for 650-700

Top up from 10-hr: +HKD2,700




30+1 HOURS


To crack 750+ level questions;

Top up from 25+1-hr: +HKD1,500



The fees stated have covered all costs, no hidden cost guaranteed

Classroom Training (New!!)

We have just launched classroom training in Tsimshatsui. 


This course will fit you if you are looking for:
•    Classroom training
•    Beginners to strengthen fundamentals
•    Very affordable cost (HKD1,520 only)

Please click the button below for more details:

We Help You Score High

At QNV, you will learn:

  • GMAT cracking techniques

  • Preparation tactics

  • Common GMAT pitfalls

  • MBA application advice

  • Personal tips for MBA

  • Fun, joy, and jokes 

  • Interesting stories of previous MBA applicants

  • Secrets B-schools never tell you, shhh...

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What Did Our Students Say?

We have successfully assisted many students in achieving their targeted scores and getting admitted to their dream schools. They came from all walks of life, covering senior executives, entrepreneurs, university students, engineers, accountants, ibankers, lawyers, cadet pilots, and even medical doctors. Why not hear what did they think about QNV?

E. Siu, 750

PC equipped me with strong fundamentals in both quant and verbal sections, especially when I had not taken any exams in the past 8 years and thus left most of the basic concepts behind. He helped me pick up what I have learnt before in a short period of time, at the same time inspired me with all the GMAT-specific tips and tricks - which are essential to score high in the real GMAT. PC also gave me confidence by saying that I have the potential to be one of the top scorers - my final score is 750 and I am now preparing for my MBA application. Thanks, PC!

C. Tam, 740, Chicago Booth

PC really helped me a lot with his own GMAT frameworks and theories, enabling me to understand the complicated GMAT questions easily. His effective cracking techniques also helped me spot the right answers quickly. Eventually, I boosted my score to 740 within short time!

S. Ng, 730
I was somewhat an experienced GMAT taker before PC’s coaching. I sought his coaching when I came back to HK from the US for a two-week vacation. His flexibility in schedule definitely fit my need of short but intensive training, during which I learnt a lot of useful techniques that I didn’t know before. His coaching helped me break through the deadlock and achieve my targeted score.

G. Lee, 720
PC is a highly experienced GMAT coach who knows GMAT’s mentality in great depth. Based on each GMAT question, he could ask a few more questions to show what GMAT could vary the way to ask it or add more tricks to the question. So for each question I cracked, I was actually learning 2 to 3 more questions. I also asked him questions from OG and other sources that were not covered in his classes, but he was happy to answer. This is the additional value I could get from his coaching. In short, couldn’t score 720 without his coaching 😊

L. Lin, 710
I prepared GMAT for my future MBA application. As an architect in early career, I took PC’s advice to overcome GMAT before getting too busy at work (and still have a fresh academic mind too). I just took 5-hour coaching with PC to grab the basic verbal cracking techniques, but I got more advice and support from him after coaching till I scored 710. Though MBA application is not my immediate milestone, I have learnt a lot of application tactics from him, so I will be more prepared to give my best shot in one or two years down the road.

C. Kwok, 700 (juggling INSEAD, LBS, Oxford, and Cambridge)
I m a medical doctor at a public hospital, but aspire to be a “company doctor” at MBB more, so I want to get into a top business school with good reputation and networks in consulting. I started my GMAT prep with PC in October 2020 and spent three months with his coaching. His technique-focused coaching is very useful, I somewhat equated it to my diagnosis of illness for my patients. That’s also why I could pick up those techniques easily. I also appreciated his free admission advice throughout the application process. I finally got admitted to INSEAD, LBS, Oxford, and Cambridge! My dream of being a company doctor has been much closer!

H. So, 700, Cornell Johnson

I found the intensive course very effective. I have learnt a lot of cracking techniques to solve difficult GMAT questions within short time. Moreover, QNV’s flexibility in class time and duration enabled me to arrange classes to best fit my fluid schedule. I finally got into a prestigious B-school in the US, thanks QNV! 

K. Kong, 700

PC is an unconventional type of agreeable and motivating coach. He offered me a complete GMAT toolkit to crack tough questions and tackle with tricky questions. His classes were also very flexible that could accommodate my somewhat unpredictable schedule in an investment bank. Besides GMAT, PC was also pleased to help with my MBA applications by giving application advice and reviewing my essays. His insights helped me better position myself to my targeted schools with compelling personal stories. He gave me more than just GMAT techniques but holistic application counselling. With his persistent care and follow-ups, I have gained more confidence for my application journey towards top MBA.

D. Ng, 670, Cass

PC could use lots of analogies and humours to make his GMAT theories easy to understand and remember. The techniques he taught are very useful for me to crack the questions quickly and accurately. I also like his interactive coaching style by asking me questions and challenging my assumptions. Besides GMAT, PC also offered me lots of advice in choosing my best-fit business schools and strategizing my applications. I am now in London and started a new journey of my life. 

YT Wong, Warwick
GMAT was definitely the most challenging part throughout my entire MBA application. QNV helped me strengthen my foundation and helped me gradually build up my techniques. PC supported me to overcome the frustration in the “death valley” and accelerated my learning curve. Finally, I witnessed improvement in my scores and then got into my targeted school. The journey was difficult, but not impossible, thanks a lot.I


E. Chau

I met PC in an info session by LBS and knew he was a GMAT coach. I learnt a lot of cracking techniques from him and common pitfalls GMAT use to trick us. After each practice question we went through, he would ask several more follow-up questions by twisting the questions a bit to inspire my thinking in different directions. In particular, some questions sound benign and straight-forward but concealed with tricky pitfalls. With his coaching, the questions appear to be more transparent to me and I have gained more confidence in cracking those tricky questions.

A. Chan

PC’s class is highly focused on GMAT cracking techniques that can help me reduce time and increase correctness in the highly time-stressed GMAT exam. In each question he taught, he would point out some common pitfalls that GMAT uses to trap candidates, so we don’t need to error our way out. His class is really value for money, highly suitable for those professionals who have to boost scores within short time at minimum cost. 

R. Wong

The course is well-organized and practical to prepare for GMAT. PC, the instructor, is nice and willing to share his experience and useful exam techniques and skills with us.

Companies/Organizations our students served include:

Investment Banks

  • Goldman Sachs

  • JP Morgan

  • Nomura

  • CLSA


  • HK Exchange

  • HSBC

  • Standard Chartered

  • Bank of China

  • ICBC

  • SMBC



  • EY

  • KPMG

  • PwC



  • Hospital Authority

  • Cathay Dragon

  • Swire

  • Marriott International

  • L'Oreal

  • Phoenix TV

  • Robert Half


  • HKU


  • CUHK

Non-HK Candidates

Though we originally planned to hold in-class coaching for Hong Kong-based candidates, we have received equally strong interests from candidates outside HK, particularly in the Asia Pacific:

  • China

  • Singapore

  • Vietnam

  • Thailand

  • Taiwan

  • Korea

  • Japan

  • India

  • Australia

Many thanks for your trust in QNV! We are now pleased to offer GMAT coaching for candidates outside HK.


Please click the following button to know more.

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Admitted Candidates



If you have got admitted to a top business school, we are pleased to share with you how to make the most of your once-in-a-life time and life-changing experience.

Be better prepared for this valuable journey. Please click here to know more.


Stay tuned to QNV

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