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Ten More Benefits

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Learn the secrets of cracking GMAT in the shortest possible time

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Score Guarantee

First ever trainer in human history to offer score guarantee up to 780


High Flexibility

Choose course duration and venue to fit your schedule the best


Extra Advice

Learn application tips, MBA life, post-MBA careers, and more...

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Value for Money

36% off on our 30-hour coaching. HKD400 off for each top-up


Referral Bonus

Get a bonus of HKD500 for each person you refer

Top-up Options

You can start with your least cost option and then top up to your best course

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Free Class

Enjoy a Free Class to experience our coaching before you decide

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Different Options

Choose our various courses of different lengths to fit your needs the best

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Private Tutorials

Receive personalized GMAT coaching that addresses your study needs 

Break your GMAT Brownian Motion, Make Your Quantum Leap Here Now!!

QNV GMATologist

Harvard | LBS | Dundee | HKU

  • MPA at Harvard, MBA at London Business School, MSc and BEng at the University of Hong Kong

  • Also studied at MIT, Chicago Booth, and the University of Oxford, for exchange or research

  • Currently pursuing his fourth master degree - LLM - at the University of Dundee in Scotland

  • GMAT coaching experiences in London, Boston, and Hong Kong (with both Westerners and Asians)

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The Gateway to Your High-Flying Career


Highly Flexible Course Lengths and Fees

Payment in a top-up approach to enhance flexibility and reduce hourly rate

Choose the course length that best fits your study needs

HKD400 off for every 5-hour 

Extra 1-hour Free over 20 hours of coaching

(All courses are personalized coaching | 700+ Score Guarantee can be opt-in)



  • Least cost option to start 





  • Top-up from 15-hour: $2,200





  • Top-up from 5-hour: $3,000



25+1 HOURS


  • Top-up from 20-hour: $1,800

  • Extra 1-hour free 





  • Top-up from 10-hour: $2,600



30+1 HOURS


  • Top-up from 25-hour: $1,400

  • Extra 1-hour free



The fees stated have covered all costs, no hidden cost guaranteed

Example of Top-up

  • Suppose you are a GMAT beginner

  • To minimize your upfront commitment, you can buy 5 hours at HKD3,400

  • After 5 hours, you need to have more coaching, so you top up by HKD3,000 for 5 more hours

  • Afterwards, you want to focus more on Sentence Correction, so you top up by HKD2,600 for 5 more hours

  • If you want to top up 5 hours for more advanced techniques in SC, you just top up by HKD2,200

  • In addition, you also find more needs in Critical Reasoning, you just top up by HKD1,800

  • As you have already reached 25 hours in total, you will enjoy extra 1 hour free too

  • In total, you have paid HKD13,000 for 25+1 hours

Which is Your Best-fit Course?

Depending on your exam urgency and study intensity

Low Intensity

High Intensity

High intensity



5 hours;


6-15 hours



26-30 hours

16-25 hours

* GBY means God Bless You

Classroom Training (New!!)

We have just launched classroom training in Tsimshatsui. 


This course will fit you if you are looking for:
•    Classroom training
•    Beginners to strengthen fundamentals
•    Very affordable cost (HKD1,520 only)

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We Help You Score High

At QNV, you will learn:

  • GMAT cracking techniques

  • Preparation tactics

  • Common GMAT pitfalls

  • MBA application advice

  • Personal tips for MBA

  • Fun, joy, and jokes 

  • Interesting stories of previous MBA applicants

  • Secrets B-schools never tell you, shhh...

Free Admission Consultation

We are happy to evaluate your chance of admission and recommend ways of enhancement for free

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Non-HK Candidates

Though we originally planned to hold in-class coaching for Hong Kong-based candidates, we have received equally strong interests from candidates outside HK, particularly in the Asia Pacific:

  • China

  • Singapore

  • Vietnam

  • Thailand

  • Taiwan

  • Korea

  • Japan

  • India

  • Australia

Many thanks for your trust in QNV! We are now pleased to offer GMAT coaching for candidates outside HK.


Please click the following button to know more.

Admitted Candidates



If you have got admitted to a top business school, we are pleased to share with you how to make the most of your once-in-a-life time and life-changing experience.

Be better prepared for this valuable journey. Please click here to know more.

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